a) Fee per day, or part thereof and preparation of award. $ 4,400.00*
b) Each additional day, or part thereof. $ 4,400.00*


a) On day of the hearing 25 miles (40km) or more from residence. see **
b) On day preceding and day following the hearing - per day. see ***


a) Notification received between 22 days and 30 days before the hearing. $ 1,600.00
b) Notification received between 15 days and 21 days before the hearing. $ 1,700.00
c) Notification received between 8 days and 14 days before the hearing. $ 1,800.00
d) Notification received less than 7 days before the hearing. $ 1,900.00
e) If date of cancelled hearing used for another hearing. No Charge
f) Under section 49 of The Labour Relations Act where the date is cancelled $    800.00
   less than three weeks prior to hearing.


*    My fee may vary due to the complexity of the case.
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**   I do not charge for same day car travel.
*** My fee depends on the circumstances of each case.